Monday, 12 December 2011

Never the People you Expect

This horse means the world to me. Hes my lease and I've had him about 2 months, he will go to the end of the moon for me and back. He came from Camelot 2 years ago and was really depressed ( lthe barn owner told me) then I met him. The first day I rode him I really didn't know if it'd would work out... He couldn't canter 3 strides or neck rein. Over the last couple of months we went to our first show and got reserved champion. We've worked on flying lead changes and become a stronger team in and out of the ring. I've been told they've never seen him this happy, and myself having suffered from depression have never been happier too. Through him I've met the nicest people and gained a best friend. I love you Rocket. btw im sorry the audio is crap quality.

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